Morning Coffee

After such a weekend, one needs such a cup of coffee. Friday afternoon we couldn't pack fast enough. We were headed for the west side to camp for the weekend on the beach. The first significant south swell had started to roll in the night before and we could see the sets breaking from our cabin on the mountain. We arrived at our destination just before 4 and set up camp. Just out front was a wave I had never seen anyone surf. The area is notoriously sharky, but I couldn't resist. The water was murky and the bomby peak a bit outside. But it was good.....really good....and so was our weekend. I was joined by 3 brave souls on Saturday afternoon who, like me couldn't believe there was a wave this good, and couldn't believe that none of us had surfed there before, and we were all relieved that we could share it. 4 wave sets every 10 minutes 2-3ft overhead on the sets. It doesn't happen often but when it does......... I didn't take any photos this weekend, but this image is from a photoshoot I did with my pals at Plate Lunch the day before.

 This morning I made myself a Latte. Coffee from Maui Coffee Roasters, fresh ground, brewed with my ever faithful Aeropress.

Enjoy your Monday, and try to get some work done. The weekend begins in 4 1/2 days.

Jason Koons